Safe Entries

UD- Barrier Free home in BC 03UD-Front entranceUD barrier free entrance

Barrier-Free Entrances allow your home to be easily accessible for people of all ages and abilities… for a baby stroller, a person on crutches or using a walker or for a wheelchair-bound individual. Making your entrance barrier-free means that your home is more “visit-able” for all of your friends and family.

UD- home patioUD-accessible gardenbarrier free patio

Barrier Free patios and gardens also allow for freedom of movement out of the home and into the outdoors.

UD warm kitchenGoldbergPortfolio_

Accessible Kitchen and Bathroom Designs can be beautiful and accommodating for everyone.

UD accessible laundry 02

Also, a Main Floor Laundry with easy-to-reach appliances can make a big difference in a person’s life.



Accessibility Home Improvements is proud to offer a complete line of the finest battery-powered stairway lifts for residential and commercial use. With a stair lift you regain freedom and independence throughout your entire home. Stairway lifts are the perfect solution to home accessibility – taking you up and down your stairs, safely, comfortably and effortlessly. We offer both indoor straight and custom-curved rail stair lifts, or vertical platform lifts for those who utilize a wheelchair.

Stair Lift for the handicapped

We offer stair lifts and vertical platform lifts with excellent warranties and durability.

If you need Stair or Vertical Platform lifts for your St. Louis or St. Charles County home, Accessibility Home Improvements is the only call you need to make for the quality solutions that allow you to live freely and without worry.

Whether you’re looking to navigate a porch, deck, or entrance, a platform lift is one of the easiest ways to help you move around safely, and without barriers. Our vertical platform lifts work with scooters, as well as power or manual wheelchairs, and are fully-equipped with a wide range of safety features for your convenience and protection.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation with one of our highly-trained experts, and see how a platform or stair lift can add freedom and convenience back into your daily routine!

Residential Vertical Platform Lift

Architectural elements are often integral and essential, sometimes design and aesthetically driven; however, for someone using a wheelchair or scooter, or even with mobility challenges that just require a cane or walker, a porch can be a daunting barrier.

Vertical Platform Lifts deliver the most simple and direct solution for conquering the “deck divide.” Smoothly and effortlessly moving straight up and down, from patio to porch, driveway to entryway, backyard to deck, VPL links your inside life with your outside life seamlessly and efficiently.

Our Vertical Platform Lifts are strong and durable, with an array of safety features. Quality craftsmanship and performance integrity mark the VPL as a worthy member of our home accessibility offerings. Erase the barriers right outside your door!

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